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Quality Process

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Measuring and monitoring feed
Warehouse workers produce materials used should be reported after receipt of Quality Assurance Department for testing. Quality Assurance Department IQC accordance with the " feed testing norms" sample test, and test results are recorded in the " Incoming Inspection Reports" . Qualified Warehouse workers handle cross- examination material storage ; inspection of substandard materials , quality assurance department IQC fill out the " unqualified report processing " notice suppliers to improve , incoming nonconforming press " nonconforming control program " implementation.

Positioning measurement and monitoring
1 Engineering Department is responsible for the development of production processes operating instructions for use according to the production process .
2 . Production department is responsible for operator training , self-test and mutual inspection in the production process .
3 Quality Assurance QC detection stations , visual inspection station 100% inspection and were filled in "QC function tests daily report " and " visual inspection report ." Only inspection of semi-finished products to be able to flow into the next process ; unqualified for semi-finished products referred Production Maintenance
Section for maintenance, repair Ministry of Health will be the maintenance of the record set in the " maintenance record sheet ", the semi-finished products can not be repaired by " nonconforming handler " for processing .

Inspection process
Quality Assurance Department PQC based processes operating instructions and samples at a frequency of 1 / 2H quality status of the production line will be touring test, and test results are recorded in "PQC inspection table" , if there is not safety standards Production when operating , notify the production department corrected.

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