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Brand Superiority

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Our advantages:
A wealth of experience in foreign trade: exports engaged in more than 7 years
2 professional development and team: engaged in the digital product development for more than 6 years
3 strong OEM / ODM capabilities: more than 5 years OEM / ODM experience, with a number of large companies at home and abroad OEM / ODM
4 supporting the production plant, able to provide customers from: Product design - mold - Injection - injection - SMT, assembly - test - shipping, one-stop service

Our commitment:
1 volume shipments of the product defect rate of less than 3 ‰
2 the number of orders in the 10K delivery within 20 days after receiving orders of
3 product shelf life of 13 months, the shelf life of poor quality during the period of non-human damage, be our unconditional return, and bear the return generated by the
4 models to develop new products every year more than 10

We sincerely welcome all enterprises with my company OEM, ODM cooperation!

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